Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tokyo Japan Week 16

Eikaiwa (English) and Music Corner Advertising

Awesome P Day with Oukinin!

Hey everyone!! It's been another awesome week here in Oyama, and I'm stoked to write about some of the really cool things that happened this week. Just want to say I'm jealous you guys are heading to Rodizios this Thanksgiving! Maybe in two years we'll go hit up Sushi and have a real Japanese Thanksgiving. ;) That's actually what I'm having this week! An awesome older couple named the Adachi's are having all the missionaries in the Kiryu Zone over for a Thanksgiving dinner. Their daughter married a young guy from Utah, so they know Thanksgiving really well. The Adachi's are seriously awesome, I love them! Although I'll miss you guys a lot, I'll have to do the best I can with my Japanese Family over here. Mamma, I'm way sorry I've been really lame at answering your questions, I'll be sure to answer them today! So... Yes! I did receive that letter package from Sister Chamberlain and the ward members, and it was really so awesome. I got it my second week in Narita I believe? But anyways! Sorry it took me so long to answer. Dad, I got Bishop Wunderli's referral in, it's now in the Tokyo South mission, and missionaries are on their way to contact her! So stoked to see what happens with that. Missionaries here don't get a ton of real mail, just little letters here and there, and then packages for the big holidays and birthdays. :) I hope that answers most of those questions!! Haha, onto the week. 

My awesome comps! Elder Broadhead, 18, straight out of high school from Heber City, Utah! And Elder Packer,  20, from Kirtland, Ohio. Related to President Boyd K. Packer!

Merry Christmas from the Oyama elders!

Oyama elders. Yeah buddy.
So! This week was REALLY awesome, starting off with Tuesday. Tuesday we all went down to Tokyo South Mission for a two mission conference with Elder David F. Evans. Can I just say, it was AWESOME. He got everyone very stoked to do missionary work, and he told us all about how this age change in missionary work hasn't only changed the missions, it's changed the whole Church. He told us the entire story of how it was decided with the First Presidency, and a lot of the things going on when they decided it. Apparently, President Monson's primary concern wasn't when we would leave, it was when would we get home. Long story short, after that was a lot of talk of, "After this get married quick!!" type stuff, but it really put some perspective into my mission. It really is an awesome chance for two years to really show how committed I am to this great Gospel, and a way to show that devotion to Heavenly Father. I'm really so thankful to be here every day, and I love being a missionary so much. The two mission conference was so great too because I got to see my MTC companion Elder Scott! It was an awesome reunion, and we had some fun together. After the conference we went back to the mission home in Nakano and had a really early Christmas party, which was such a blast. We had a white elephant gift exchange, which was way fun, and we watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The old one of course, not the Ron Howard (Sorry Whit.) Haha, but it was so great. It made me miss you guys quite a bit, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. I'm so excited to spend this Christmas not worrying about gifts or things being given to me, but instead focusing on others, and sharing this incredible Gospel message. I love being a missionary so much!

Elder Packer and me. 
Shun had some issues with bullies at school, so we cheered him up with ping pong!

Shun and Elder Broadhead looking studly.
Our investigators here in Oyama are really doing so awesome. We invited basically all of them to be baptized last week, and we received all, "When I'm ready" type answers, one in particular that was so cool! It was definitely a Heavenly Hug. ;) So! We had a lesson with the Kakihara couple, who are a recently married part member couple. Sister Chihiro (wife) was baptized when she was little, but her husband has not. They're such an awesome couple, and we decided to go for a lesson directly centered on an eternal marriage and family. But some other news, BREE IS GETTING MARRIED! I got a wedding announcement the day of our lesson, and so I decided we should definitely use it in our lesson. It was such an awesome Spiritual experience. I was able to pull out the announcement and talk all about how she wasn't a member, but she was baptized, and is now going to the temple to be sealed for always and eternity. It went so well, and I have to admit I got a little teary talking about Bree, and telling the Kakihara's that they could have that same happiness. I'm really thankful to the people the Lord has placed into my life. :) Just want to testify a bit that our Heavenly Father knows us all so individually and personally, and as well the people and experiences that we have in this life are no accidents. Everything truly does happen for a reason, and everything we receive from our Heavenly Father is always done out of love. He loves us so much and wants us to be happy in this life, and that's why He gave us His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who came to this earth and atoned for us. Not only for our sins, but for all of our doubts, and concerns, and weaknesses. In the Garden, He truly felt all of those things. I feel so thankful to be teaching about the true meaning of Christmas this year, and I'm so thankful to that atoning power of Christ's Sacrifice. But through the Savior, our sins can truly all be made okay, and we can move from those sins and mistakes, and have that chance to start fresh. I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and I'm so glad He never gave up on me throughout my life.

Oukinin and I doing some doodling!

My awesome companions on a Sunday Less Active visit.

Ward pot luck!

So just want to say one thing I'm way thankful for this year... MY RAD FAMILY! I just want to say thank you so much for all of your kind words, prayers, and just always being so awesome. My goal for this transfer has been to become a more charitable person, and have that immediate love for all of those around me, and I had to do some repenting for not showing that love in the past. I hope you all know how much I love you with all my heart, and how stoked I am to talk to you in about a month! How crazy is that?? I can't believe it's already been six months since I put on the tag and walked away! Except it was nice and hot then... Now it's pretty cold, haha. Japan is seriously almost identical San Fran weather and I love it! It's really foggy in the mornings now, and then it's that nice autumn chill, which turns to ice cold night, haha. But I'm doing great! Got myself some thermals, scarfs, really nice big coat, so it's just turning into some really great Winter Missionary Work. I just want to tell Mom and Dad how stoked I am to hear that you guys are being so active in the missionary work in our ward. Seriously, I can just imagine you guys rocking it like the Adachi's here in Oyama, and that makes me so happy. Missionary work was never meant to be a distinct thing of missionary and member. They go together, like a marriage as Elder Evans said (I laughed and thought, "Whoa dude! I just hit six months, calm yourself.") and it makes me so stoked to hear you guys have that vision. I definitely want to be more involved in our ward for the short time I'll be home after a year and half! Crazy right?

Ward party with our investigators Oukinin and Perara! They are both amazing. 

Ustunomia Shrine! Right in the middle of town.

Shrine selfie!
Me and Elder Broadhead!

Well I just want to say thanks so much, and I love you all!! Missionary work is truly awesome, and so much fun. Days are hard sometimes, but the Lord really does give us those Heavenly Hugs all the time. Our Father's love for us is personal to each of us, and He knows us so well. We had interviews today with President Budge, and during my sub interview with Sister Budge we talked about that. She just laughed when she found out about the guitar I had been given, and just was so happy to hear that the Lord had answered my prayer and gave me a chance to put music and missionary work together. Right now we're doing a music corner type thing right after English class where I play a primary hymn in English (indie style of course) and we share a message about it. It brings such an awesome Spirit, and it just makes me happy to be a missionary. I know I'll remember these times for the rest of my life, and I'm just way happy to be here. I miss you guys quite a lot during this Holiday Season, but I'm so thankful to be here in Japan at such an awesome time. I hope you guys have an awesome week! I'm praying for you every day, and I know that blessings are happening to us every day. Wow... was that bad English, that felt like bad English... I hope this Christmas call goes well and I don't have any issues with understanding, haha. Love you all so much! Have an awesome week! And Mom, I'll try to start including my favorite Heavenly Hugs in all my emails now! Thanks so much!!
Elder Justesen

Me and the Shrine!

It's looking like Fall!

Cool view of Ustunomiya!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tokyo Japan Week 15

My companions! Elder Packer, left, and Elder Broadhead, middle.

Konnichiwa everyone! It's been another really awesome week here in Oyama, and I'm way stoked to write about some cool things that happened this week. But to first answer some questions! Mom, I really love your nativity Christmas idea! I'll try to pitch that to our Bishop here in Oyama, but I really think that is a good idea. During this Christmas season, we're really focusing on a lot of less active work, and bringing those great people back to Church. It's been a real blessing to go visit some of these great people, get to know them, and try to spark that fire back again in their lives. Christmas in Japan is definitely a little different than in the US, but! That same spirit of good will and love is still there, and we're excited to get going, and I think your idea will be a really big hit. I can't believe this transfer is almost over!! I'll be starting up transfer 4 really soon, and I can't believe I'll be 6 months into my mission already. That seems crazy! It's like Dad and Tyler said though, I really am starting to love my mission so much. I have since day one, but it's just starting to click now. The language is coming really well, and the Lord is blessing me so much everyday. We had a way awesome P-Day today, and I just did a lot of deep reflecting on these past few months, and I just felt really so grateful.

Oyama! I love this area.

I want you all to know that I love serving a mission with all my heart. I love being able to walk up to people and tell them I'm a missionary, and just share with them what I believe. Numbers don't determine success as a missionary, it really is your commitment to your service, and I needed to be more committed! I was focusing too much on the baptisms determining my success, and I realized today and throughout this week that the Lord has been blessing me so much in these past 5 and a half months. I feel really so much like a changed person, and I feel so much closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. He's given me so much, and He's given me this awesome opportunity to see miracles every day here in Japan. I love being a missionary!!!! Just wanted to say thank you so much for fasting for me this week, I really felt it, I can honestly attest to that. We saw so many incredible miracles this week, and when you said in your email you fasted this week, it just made sense. :) I love you guys so much! Thanks for being the greatest family ever. I love showing my investigators pictures of you all and telling them that my family is so happy because of this great Gospel, and I know that that is true. Just love being a missionary, haha.

A traditional Japanese meal in a traditional Japanese home! My knees sure hurt after.

Our investigators are doing really well this week! We found an awesome new investigator named Shachin who is just gnarly. He's from Nepal. loves Jack Johnson and Bob Marley, and is so sensitive to the Spirit. It's been a blast teaching him. We committed him to baptism today, and he asked us to give him a couple days to think and pray about it, and so now we're just trusting in the Lord. The Spirit really led our lesson today, and it was such a great experience. I feel seriously so blessed to kind of be the guide to bring people back to Heavenly Father and more fully feel his love for them in this life. Shachin just said he felt so good and peaceful after our lesson, and it was just really awesome. Our 17 year old investigator Shun is doing really awesome as well! It was so cool, his mom actually came by the church this week unannounced specifically at a time which we were there (Miracle right?) and told us how thankful she was to us for everything that we're teaching to Shun. She was so concerned that because he said he couldn't receive baptism right now, he wouldn't be allowed to come to church anymore. She was so happy to hear he could keep coming, and that we're still going to meet with him. We're really feeling that Shun is the gateway for his whole family to receive the Gospel, and come closer to Heavenly Father. We're just way stoked for him! He's such an awesome kid, and he and I have become tight the past couple transfers. That's honestly my FAVORITE thing about being a missionary! I get to just love everyone and talk to everyone. It's seriously the best, haha. 

We taught a lesson in Starbucks! Don't worry, it's hot chocolate. :)

Last week was just lame, and I was focusing too much on the things I wanted to happen, rather than looking at all the incredible things that the Lord has given me. First off, an amazing family!! Second, this awesome opportunity to be a missionary in Tokyo, Japan! He's given me the ability to speak Japanese! That's a miracle in and of it's self! I just want to testify that even when our lives feel like there's just so much we can't do, if we just take a few moments to look around at everything our Father in Heaven has given us, we'll realize we truly have so much. :) Although my time in Oyama isn't up yet, I feel really so blessed to come here and serve. But when I first got here to Oyama, there were hardly any investigators on the board, and finding was REALLY hard. However, if I leave it this transfer, I know that I have left this area better than when I arrived. There are so many awesome people to be taught, a ward that is stoked to do missionary work, and an area that has the Lord's trust. I feel really thankful to have been a part of that, and I know that Oyama will see baptisms so soon! Will I be here for them? That's up to the Lord, but I'm confident that they will happen here. It was an area that needed some tender care, and the Lord blessed me so much by letting me come here and help! I'm so thankful for all the awesome stuff that has happened here, and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

I love Japanese ramen and gyoza! And I've mastered slurping my noodles.

By the way, I was thinking a lot about the things I'm really thankful for this week, and I just have to say my FAMILY! I love you guys so so so much.Thanks so much for all of your prayers and seriously kind words. They mean so much to me. I feel it was just yesterday we would all crowd around the computer after doing some homework to see Tyler's email, and I know you guys are all doing the same for me... Except with iPhones and what not. Haha. Just know I'm so thankful, praying for you all everyday, and that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I'm really so happy to be here in Japan, and I'm way stoked to talk to you guys in about a month now! It's gonna be awesome, but please refrain from making fun of my Engrish, haha. Have an awesome week! I love you all so much! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE, THE BOOK IS BLUE, AND GOD LOVES YOU!

Winter in Japan. We get crazy fog!


Elder Justesen

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tokyo Japan Week 14

Konnichiwa everyone! It's been a really awesome week here in Oyama! It's been another awesome week here as a missionary in Japan! Stoked to hear about Brigham's mission call, I totally called Europe! He'll be a way great missionary for sure. This week has been pretty awesome! Elder Packer and Elder Broadhead are seriously awesome missionaries, and they really carry the Spirit with them so well. Elder Broadhead has so much great faith and we are doing all that we can to see some great miracles! We're fasting tomorrow for the White Christmas that President Budge mentioned to all of you back home, so we're really excited to just go forward and keep working. The mission is getting together for a big Christmas party in a couple weeks actually! We are all going down for a two mission conference which is going to be so awesome, and after that we have a Christmas Party, so I get to spend my whole day in Tokyo! I'm stoked for that. Mom, thanks so much for all of your kind words in you letters, you always know just what to say to put a smile on my face! Dad, same goes to you, thanks so much for all of those nice words. But anyways, onto the week!

So this week was full of some amazing miracles, and a couple of things that were a little hard on the heart. I'd rather not go into a lot of detail why, but our awesome investigator Kazuo may have to be dropped. We found out the other night during our lesson that he has actually had two seperate families his whole life. Both families are now fully grown, have children of their own, but still have no idea about each other. Kazuo is breaking the law right now, so we had to kind of end our lesson and call President Budge. We called, and he told us that basically we should invite him to repent and change his ways, but if he says he won't, we have to set our focus elsewhere. It really broke my heart! Kazuo truly needs the Gospel so badly, and I know that his meeting with the missionaries 25 years ago and now us is no accident. I'm praying for him every day, and I know that whatever happens is the Lord's will for him. It was pretty rough on my heart, but I know that our meeting was not an accident, and that some sort of miracle will come from it.

Our other investigator Shun is doing so well! We're really focusing on him to see him baptized by the end of this transfer, and we can really feel the Lord helping us every step of the way. We went to go pick him up to come to church yesterday, and we finally were able to meet his mom! Shun has been a little hesitant to introduce us to his parents, but we finally met her, and it really went so well. She's such a nice women, and when we came to pick Shun up she was so excited for him to be going to Church. Shun had a great time at Church, and we know that if it 's the Lord's will, Shun will get baptized this transfer! So far no date set yet, but as we get the okay from his parents, we know he'll start progressing really quickly. He has such a strong desire to draw closer to his Father in Heaven, and I'm really thankful to be teaching him. He and I have really gotten so close over the past two transfers I have been here in Oyama, and I'm really so thankful to be his missionary! He's an awesome 17 year old kid, and I know that as he makes this covenant with Heavenly Father, his entire life will be changed from it. This Gospel has such a strong influence on everything that it touches, and I'm so thankful to be spreading it throughout the Japanese country.

The Lord has blessed us so much here in Oyama! This week we've been so blessed in our finding, we found 24 new people since Elder Packer and Elder Broadhead arrived! The Lord's trusting us with His prepared children, and we feel so lucky to be with them and teaching them. Being a missionary is seriously the greatest gift I have ever received. My Japanese is coming along and I know that the Lord is helping me everyday to become the missionary that He wants me to be. Every day His chipping off a little bit of the rough edges I used to have, and He's making me into the servant He needs me to be. I love this Gospel so much, and I'm so thankful to the incredible gift of prayer. It's blessed my life so much as a missionary, and it's such an awesome gift we've been given! I know that we can truly speak to our Father in Heaven at anytime, and anywhere, and that He will listen. His love for us is really infinite and no matter what we have down in our lives, we can always come before Him and make things right. The Savior's arms are always outstretched towards us, and He is always calling for us to come to Him and feel of that personal love He has for us. I testify that the Savior lives, and that He is so aware of our challenges. He knows them because He experienced them all in the Garden. He knows exactly what we feel, and is the perfect comforter in those times of pain and doubt. When we doubt ourselves, He is always there to cheer us on, and urge us to keep going with faith! I know that as we trust in His will, and go forward with faith, we will find so much peace and happiness in this life. I know that Joseph Smith was truly called of God to restore the Savior's full and infinite Gospel to the Earth once again, and the Book of Mormon is true evidence of that. Within those pages we can not only find guidance for our lives, but as well answers to the questions of our heart. Within the Book of Mormon we can fully understand our potential and as well all that the Lord desires to bless us with. I love this Gospel so much, and I'm so thankful to be a missionary here in Japan! Although some days are really hard, I love being a missionary so much. I know that this is where the Lord wants me at this time, and that miracles are happening around us everyday! I love this message, and I'm so excited to share it everyday!! The Gospel is True, the Book is Blue, and God Loves You! Have an awesome week!! I love you all so much!!


-Elder Justesen

Monday, November 4, 2013

Tokyo Japan Week 13

おはいようございます!! It sounds like you all had a pretty awesome week, I'm stoked to write about some really cool things this week. It sounds like you are all doing so great, and that makes me happy! :) It looks like you all had a seriously awesome Halloween! Halloween was actually transfer day here in Japan, and I didn't see too many kids dressed up! However, our Halloween party a week before was seriously awesome. 

This week has been really pretty awesome, but a little hard! I got a really bad cold on Wednesday that has kind of stayed with me the past few days, and then it stole my voice! I can honestly say though that when you're really sick, and still keep going strong with missionary work, that is when you can really feel the help and love that our Heavenly Father has for each and every one of us. I was really blessed this week as I tried to stop people with a broken voice, and my body not feeling super well. But! The cold is just about gone, and my voice is coming back little by little. I'm stoked to be back at my full 100 percent and hit this transfer hard! I really do love this area so much right now, and I just want to give it my all this transfer. I keep getting a feeling this may be my last transfer in Oyama, so I gotta make it count! :) The Oyama ward is seriously so great though, and I have really come to love them. It was actually pretty hard the first few days my new companions were here because I'm technically the area senior, even though I've only been here about a month! Pretty crazy, but I was cool to start working one on one with members, and really putting my Japanese to the test here in Oyama. The gift of tongues is so real, and Heavenly Father has blessed me so much with this awesome language. I'm really starting to become more comfortable in speaking, and that really is so comforting to me! I was so worried that Japanese would just be way too hard, but I know that with the Lord I'm learning it! He's helping me so much along the way, and I'm so thankful for that help. Elder Packer and our new missionary Elder Broadhead are seriously awesome. They are dedicated and hard working missionaries, who I know are just gonna boost this area! Elder Broadhead has that incredible MTC faith that moves mountains, and Elder Packer has the vision to help this ward. The three of us are gonna see miracles I know it! 

I can't really lie, this week has been a little hard! Haha, every so often there are those weeks were you just kind of plop down on your futon and just deeply breathe, and this week has definitely been like that for me. The training gloves are officially off, and it's been a pretty big switch. I want to tell you about this incredible miracle Elder Broadhead and I experienced the other day! So it was Elder Broadhead's first Mitsuketaikai, which is where we hand out free English class fliers out at the train station, and try to stop people and talk to them about what we do as missionaries. So! Elder Packer heads to his area, and asks me to show around Elder Broadhead, and show him how to do it. I show Elder Broadhead the ropes, a little bit of some Justesen-ness to add to it, and sent him to work! He was stoked to work, and I went down to my area to start handing out the fliers. A couple minutes later, I look over and I see that Elder Broadhead is talking to a man already, and is telling this man about the Book of Mormon! In English, but still, seriously awesome! I walk away feeling happy for him, and next thing I know, Elder Broadhead's bringing this man over to talk to me. The man's name was Jess, and he was from the Philippines. We started teaching him about what we believe in, and he told us that as he was coming down the escalator, he had this feeling he had not felt before, and when he saw Elder Broadhead, he knew he needed to talk to him. How amazing is that! Elder Broadhead was just so stoked, and I felt so lucky to have that experience with him. I keep telling him he's gonna be the next AP, and I love just building him up. The faith that these brand new missionaries have is just awesome, and I love working with Elder Broadhead! Elder Packer and I are somewhat acting like his parents, and we're just having a ton of fun. They both have so much faith, and really have a strong desire to help the Oyama Ward. It's gonna be a white Christmas for sure! 

We just got back from some good old dendo, and are pretty tired, but I just gotta say once again, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. We decided to go stop by to see our investigator Kazuo, who met with the missionaries 20 years ago. He told us he's been reading the Book of Mormon, and as well we talked about baptism. He used to be a member of the Yakuza when he was a young man, and he really loved the fact that all those past sins can be taken away. He really loves his cigarettes, but! I know he can give them up, and he's been praying with us all the time, and his prayers are so humbling and filled with the Spirit. I know he stopped me on the road on that rainy day for a reason, and I feel so blessed to have met and teach him. Kazuo is the man! Haha, I really love him. Elder Gray, my FAVORITE now transfer 2 missionary, and I went and taught him earlier this week on splits, and he gave us Snake extract! A really tasty vitamin drink! He's just such a fun and kind man, and I feel so lucky to be teaching and talking with him. I know that if it's the Lord's will, he will be baptized soon, and he will be able to feel all of those great feelings of peace and comfort all the time. I was thinking a lot about the atonement last week, and I always get really blown away at how truly amazing that gift is. I feel so blessed to have been born in this great Gospel, and fully understand that when we make mistakes, we can always change. We can always try again to be better, and keep trying our best. It just makes me so stoked to go to work, and bring all of God's children to that knowledge. I know that everyday He is preparing those people for us to meet, and as we work with all of our heart and might, we are going to see miracles!! All of God's children are just seeking for that comfort and peace, and they come in all different shapes, sizes, and tattoos! But they are all God's children, and are all entitled to that same peace and joy we get to receive everyday. Nobody's perfect, and we all fall short sometimes. But our loving Father in Heaven knows that, and is always cheering for us to get up and keep trying. I love thinking of the analogy of a race! We get to the starting lines, we've practiced, and we're all set to go. We start our race and start going, but all of a sudden, we realize we're not exactly the fastest, or the best runner! Sometimes we even fall and think about just giving up, and throwing in the towel. But, we always have our parents. Father and Mother are always in the stands, cheering us on, and telling us to keep going with all we got! It reminds me of when I would play baseball when I was little. I definitely wasn't the best player, but I always knew that my Mom and Pop would always be there to cheer me on. Even when I missed a grounder, struck out, or got out on base, Dad and Mom would always still treat me like I was the best player on the team. Our Heavenly Father's love is just like that. He knows and understands our weaknesses, and even when we make mistakes and turn away from Him, He always has a way for us to come back. He is always urging us to keep trying, and go forward with Faith. In our Father's eyes, we're the MVP, and the best player on the team. We just have to give it our all, and the Lord will always take care of the rest. 

I just gotta say I really love analogies! Probably been my favorite way of teaching here in Japan! Heavenly Father gives us so many awesome experiences that we can really relate to the Gospel, and I really think that's so cool! I've used so many old stories from when I was little to relate to the Gospel, and I really am so thankful for the home I was raised in. Mom and Dad, you guys rock!! Remember when I was little, and was absolutely terrified about moving to Utah? I remember we were moving and Dad always would say, "Devin, this is preparation for your mission! You'll have transfers and it'll be just like moving all over again!" Well, you hit the nail on the head Dad! I was bummed to see Elder Howard go, he seriously felt like my older brother, but! I'm really so thankful to those experiences I had as a little kid! They really did prepare for a mission without me even knowing! I just want you to know how thankful I am to all you guys! I couldn't ask for a better family, and I'm so thankful for everything you do for me. I pray for you everyday!! I hope you guys have such a great week, and I hope you all are getting stoked for Thanksgiving! It'll be way weird not being home, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be. The Gospel is True, The Book is Blue, and GOD LOVES YOU!! 神様がみなさんを愛していると知っています!!!その愛からもと幸せになることが出来ると知っています!本当に私の家族に心からかんしゃしってます!全てのたすけとかあふれる愛とかほめっていることからよりよい宣教師になったよ!それに本当に心からかんしゃしっています!私のけいけんしたことからじゅんびしていつもおぼえているですよ。それがスゴイだと知っています!ありがとう~ね?がんばる日本!!!じゃ、またね!のんびりしって下さい!愛していますよ!

Elder Justesen