Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MTC Week 8

Konnichiwa mina san! Holy goodness, this is my last week at the MTC! It's been pretty great, and I have all kinds of news I want to tell you, but first we'll talk about the important stuff. :)

1: This monday! My flight is later in the (Elder Scott says hi by the way, hahaha, and he loves you guys) day, around 1 ish. I'm flying to LAX first and then staight to Japan! I'll have a couple hours in SL and LAX, but there will be MANY of us traveling on monday. So, concerning the calling situation. i have a solution! We talked to our branch presidency, and they suggested a "burn phone". From like the action movies!! haha, so it's like those Go-Phones that you can buy some minutes on? if you guys want to, you can for sure send me one of those and then I will forsure be able to call and talk for a bit. but whatever works! I don't mind either way. :)

2: What to send before I go! Nothing in particular! yeah... I'm giving away LOTS of food, so if you guys just want to send letters, encouraging note card things, that would be so awesome! Food I'm good with, it racked up very quickly. I'm gonna have to buy a backpack here before I head out, as President Budge wants us to have some clothes in our carry on for the first couple days we'll be in the mission home.

3: To Mom: My favorite package? Tough! I've loved and appreciated them all so much. Thank you so much for sending those. they helped me so much on those rough days, and as well they helped so many of the Sisters and Elders in my district. But! If I had to choose... i'd say the last one! The Colbie Caillat message was really hilarious, and we all got a big kick out of translating that message. ;) Also! My teachers LOVED the candy, and they really appreciated that little bit of nostalgia.

Okay! Onto my later for this week. It's gonna be a little shorter than usual, as I don't have a huge amount of time, cause I'm gonna save some time to send photos. 

But! I'm gonna write a longer letter possibly later, but I just wanna bear my testimony really quick. I know that this Gospel is true. i'm so thankful for this awesome opportunity to be here serving theLord, and there's really no where else I'd rather be. It can really be so hard at times, but it's been so worth it. I love this Gospel, and I'm so thankful to be apart of it going forth. thank you so much for all of your love and support, it's helped me so much here at the mtc! i love you all so much, and i know that heavenly Father loves us all so personally. even at times we may turn away from Him, he is always calling to us to come back to Him. He loves us so much, and wants us to be happy in this life. This life is so amazing, and Im so thankful for all of the wonderful experiences I have had here. i can't wait to get to japan! I'm so excited to go meet the people and begin spreading the gospel to them. The Japanese people have so much kindness about them, and I'm so thankful to go to Japan. Missionary work is the greatest thing ever! Whether you are wearing a tag or just being a member missionary. it brings so much happiness and purpose to our lives, and it truly brings us closer to our Savior. i know that serving a mission is where I'm supposed to be, and i'm so thankful to you guys for helping me get here. I love you!! I should be able to write one more time before i leave, so check on Saturday! I love you all so much!!! NIHON NI IKIMASHO!!! (let's go to Japan!)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MTC Week 7

Konichiwa mina san! Holy sweet goodness, I leave the MTC in a week and six days. Haha, pretty gnarly right?! Anyways! On with this weeks events. This week was pretty mellow, but I guess I'll start off with one pretty awesome story. I GOT TO SAY THE OPENING PRAYER IN FRONT OF 3,500 PEOPLE! So last Saturday I was just hanging out studying, and my branch President came in and asked me if I'd be willing to say the opening prayer at the Sunday evening devotional. I of course said "For sure!" but then it set in... This would be broadcast to the Wyview Campus, several different overflows around campus, and as well... It would have to be in English. You see, my Sensei has urged us all to only say prayers in Japanese, and so I hadn't said an English prayer in nearly 3 weeks! I was pretty dang nervous, but overall it was so awesome! Also, the second counselor in the MTC presidency (President Hacking) Knew Uncle Brad! He recognized my name pretty quick, haha. So that was probably the biggest thing that happened this week!

I'm so glad to hear you are all doing so well! Hopefully we aren't flying allegiant if that's how they treated Mamma, sorry about that! Oh! I talked to some of my Sensei's concerning packages, and apparently they got packages like... 3-4 times their entire mission. It's just WAY expensive, and take a long time to get there. Sorry Mom. :( But! Apparently you can use the dearelder.com website, and those are sent to Japan for like a dollar a letter? Yeah, being across the pacific is pretty pricey. But! This week, our senseis have been saying so much about the culture, their favorite mission moments, etc. And it really got me so excited to go. The Japanese people are so humble and kind, and they explained that the members are some of the strongest out there. I'm so excited to meet them!! As well, we got our Nihon-jin today! We have 4 Chorotachi and one Shimai (Sister.) One Choro is going to Tokyo with us, and the rest are going to Sapporo. They're all so kind and polite, and I already love them. What's amazing to here is their incredible determination to preach this Gospel. Most are new converts that answered the call, stopped their personal lives, and decided to go forward to serve. It's so incredible to witness this power of the Gospel, and witness true conversion. I love this Gospel so much! President Mack and I had a somewhat last interview before I go, and he asked me to explain to him what has been the biggest thing that I have learned from this MTC experience, and I really had to think cause there were so many different answers I wanted to say. I decided on this though.

This Gospel changes people. It does not matter what has happened in your past, or who you were before. It takes our old ways and brings them closer to God and His son Jesus Christ. it just has this incredible power to take the pain from our past and make it all right. Part of the Savior's plan was to do this for us, and it has been so incredible to see this happen in my own heart. We recently watched a talk by Elder Holland, and one of his lines was, "You are your first convert." And honestly, that line is so true. I feel so much more converted to this great Gospel, and I feel so lucky that in less than 2 weeks I get to go share it with the people of Japan. I just want to bear testimony that the Atonement is real. It's so real. No matter the sin, no matter the action, it can truly be cleansed through the Savior. His hands are always extended towards us, and His call is always sounding. You just have to answer and return to Him.

(Phew) Sorry, went off on a tangent there, but just wanted to say some stuff. :) To Alexa, don't worry about the brownies! Just through some guilt on your roomies, "Do you realize that you have just eaten a servant of the Lord's brownies??! Eternal condemnation!!" Haha, just kidding. ;) To Whitney, keep that head up!! You're doing so great, and I'm so proud of you for just going forward. I can't believe you only have one semester left! Seriously so crazy, you'll be all successful and such by the time I get back. ;) 

Just on another sidenote, I'm so sorry Virginia! it's just, I strap on that tie, and the Sisters come a-runnin'. I can't help it! I'll start drinking more chocolate milk, stop exercising, and hopefully the sisters will disappate. My heart is only with you though! (Hahaha.)

This whole MTC experience has been so incredible to be apart of though. A couple weeks ago they took the 3rd group photo in MTC history, and I'm in it! They said they may hang it up sometime soon, so hopefully after my mission I can see or something. But anyways! It's just been so great to be here, and feel of the Savior's prescence in my life. Honestly, when we feel we have reached the end of our rope, that's when we truly feel the Savior's love for us. That love is so personal, and it's there for all of us. The other day I was having a pretty rough day, and I just needed to pray. Being at the MTC, you are constantly surrounded by people, so I decided I would wait until the end of the day, and I would just go pray in the bathroom once everyone had gone to bed. Weird, yes, but at the MTC, this is your only chance to be alone, haha. But I sat down in the stall and just offered up my heart, in Japanese. I prayed as earnestly as I could in Japanese, and I just asked for some help. Next thing I knew, the words just started flowing. The grammar and sentence structure just clicked, and I began speaking. I felt the Spirit so strong, and I knew then that this was the right path. Whatever challenges may arise, I know that through the Savior I can overcome them. His love and power is so real, and He wants help us. Ahh, the Gospel is just awesome.

Well, I guess I'd better get going, but I love you all so much, and I pray for you all everyday. The Japanese people are amazing, and I'm itching to go! Also! if my facebook page gets a friend request from a Kevin Huefner or Tyler Ekins, accept! They're my Sensies, and they said they would add us this week. Anyways! So stoked, nervous, tired, and ready to go, and I'm so thankful to all of your support. Have an awesome week!! Oh! Dad, I think they'll let us know soon enough what to do with phonecall situation, it'll either be LAX or SLC that we'll call you. I get my travel plans tomorrow! So crazy! Haha, anyways, I love you all! This Gospel is true, the Book of Mormon is blue, and God loves you! (Good little District saying we came up with, haha.) Have a great week!

-Elder Justesen

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MTC Week 6

 Konnichiwa mina san! I hope you are all having an awesome week! So, first off, I feel pretty bad I haven't answered some of your questions, so I thought I'd answer them first!

1: Yes I have been to the temple! The first three weeks we went, but unfortunately the temple is now closed, so we've just been given more study time. But! I really enjoyed the times I went before. Apparently the Tokyo Temple is right in the middle of the two missions, so both missions attend semi-regularly? 

2: Mama! Yes, I have received all of your AMAZING packages besides the one that went to Puerto Rico? Perhaps someone needs to practice their handwriting. ;)

3: Keep sending the cookies! I shared one of my chorotachi, and he loved them, and sure enough they were all gone in a matter of moments. Haha, but seriously, thanks so much for the packages! Mom, your laminated cards have become a thing I share with everyone each week, I think I mentioned a story about one that really helped out our district when we were having a rough day. Your kindness is being spread to all the missionaries. :) 

Okay okay, now for the week update! (Jimmy Fallon Voice)

Thank you... Alexa, for sending that amazing package full of goodies and the SD card reader. 

Thank you... Whitney for those awesome photos of your Oregon trip!! I'm so stoked you had a good time and saw all of your old buddies. My chorotachi still think you're a model, and some have called "dibs" after the mission, haha. I'm super glad you got to go, I was praying it'd be fun! 

Thank you... To this awesome experience that happened this week! Allow me to explain. So! On likethursday, I was getting my lunch and I heard someone yell out "Elder Justesen!" I turn around and it's Brady Peck! Now Elder Peck going to the New Mexico mission. He and I talked for a while, and it was really great! It's so cool to see that now all of my old buddies are serving missions. But anyways, this Gospel is so amazing, and the Atonement is so real. It takes our old selves and perfects us into becoming exactly what our Heavenly Father wants us to be. it may take time, and at times it is very hard, but if we allow it, this Gospel can change our lives and hearts.

Thank you... Kind of to another experience I had this week. So! My group and a few other zones are officially the oldest people in the MTC. A group of 900 (Yeah, 900) missionaries left yesterday, and now all of us 6 weekers are the oldest ones now. So to the experience, sorry, haha. Our Dai-Senpai left a couple days ago, and honestly it was so sad. We had all grown so close together, and we were all so sad to see them go. They were all going to Kobe, Fukuoka, and Nagoya, so we would not be seeing them for the rest of our missions. We didn't think we'd miss them this much, but we felt like we were losing our older brothers. It's incredible the unity this Gospel brings. In a matter of 6 weeks, a group of strangers can become close like a family. We had a great District meeting last week, and our branch president (President Mack) told us there is a very different kind of spirit within the Japanese missionaries. He explained that out of the missionaries he has met, Japanese missionaries are very quick to love and become like a family very quickly. It's so amazing to see how the personalities line up a lot for missions, and see how much Heavenly Father really does know us personally. He knows our strengths and fears, and His love dismisses them. Through Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, we can be alright with our weaknesses, because through Heavenly Father, our weaknesses can truly become our strengths. Missionary work is so awesome! It just takes your old self and just improves you. Like, I'm still me you know, joking around about the Office, being sarcastic etc. Demo (However) Sorry that's just like my favorite Japanese word besides fluffy (Fwa Fwa) I feel so much closer to my Savior and as well the Spirit. I can feel it's influence throughout my day, and I know that a big part of that is just following the commandments. Especially everyday scripture study. The Book of Mormon contains so many incredible truths and ways to live our lives the way our Heavenly Father wants us to.  I'm really so grateful for all of our scriptures, and I know that all of them go together as one incredible testimony that Jesus is the Christ, and that through Him we can find everlasting happiness in this life.

Phew, sorry, just really on a Spiritual high lately, haha. I'm so stoked to get to Japan though!! Only 3 weeks now, and today I received a letter from President Budge, so I'm feeling very sure I will be serving in the Tokyo North mission! it's coming up quick, but I'm so excited! Oh! You all should go to the Mormon Channel onLDS.org and watch the I'm a Mormon Ad about the girl from Tokyo!! They've made about 4 or 5 new ads, all featuring Japanese people! How rad is that? Apparently Japanese is now the second most taught language in the MTC now, so the Gospel is gearing up to go to Japan. Check them out! The ad is really so great, and you can turn on the subtitles. The Crafstman one is waaaay awesome too!

Oh! So I have a way funny story that I think you'll all get a kick out of. This can just be for the family. ;) So anyways! The other day, we were all eating lunch, and because of the age change, there are quite a few very beautiful sisters. Now, I've been doing really good at saying "Don't need to worrry about that until after the mission." But sometimes... It can be difficult! So, this very pretty sister walks in, and instantly, she's looking at me. So, I'm trying to look away, but my buddy Barnes Choro (Who's so awesome by the way. We joke around we're going to each other's weddings after the mission.) keeps saying, "Justesen Choro! She's looking at you! Oh... Elder, ELDER, she's coming over!!" So yeah, this Sister comes over, DEFINITELY flirting and asks me, "Hey Elder, is that turkey burger good? Where can I get one?" I being a servant of the Lord looked directly at my plate and said, "Oh yeah, they're just over there!" I look up and she's smiling, and says thanks in Tagolog and walks off. So... Obviously I start getting hazed a bit by my Chorotachi, and they're joking around that I've got game, Sisters want me, etc. So, I'm feeling pretty good about my self, probably getting a little prideful, so... Heavenly Father decides to have fun with me. This rather heavy Elder walks up to me, asks the exact same question word for word and walks off. I busted up laughing, all of the Sisters in my district got a good laugh. In my mind I just thought, "Yup. Not until after the mission!" It was some great humor I needed. ;)  

But anyways, I hope you all have an awesome week, have fun at the concert Alexa!!! Elder Killpack (my buddy) is way jealous of you. Know that you are all in my prayers everyday, and I feel of your support and it helps me more than you can ever know. This gospel is true. This opportunity to serve has already changed me into the person I have been striving to be, and I'm so excited to just keep going. The downs are always rough, but through faith that all will be alright, I know that I can overcome them. This message really is one of peace and happiness, and I'm so excited to go and teach it to the Japanese people!! Owari yokereba subete yoshi! (All is well that ends well.) Love you all!! 

Justesen Choro (Devin)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MTC Week 5

Konnichiwa Mina San! Well it's been another week here at the MTC, and I don't think I've ever been so tired. :) But I love it, seriously... Every day I feel so much closer to Heavenly Father, and this work is truly amazing. Even from behind the walls of the MTC, haha. So some really awesome stuff happened this week!
First off: I'm what you could say "training" here at the MTC. I was in my tri-panionship, and on wednesday the Ninhon-jin (People from Japan) arrive to leave with the next group! So anyways, one of the Nihon-jin was from Gilbert Arizona, and had been speaking Japanese since he was very litte, so the MTC placed him in the Nihon-jin class. Long story short, they transfered him to our district, and he and I are now companions. This is my 4 comp here at the MTC technically! Pretty crazy right? But yeah, so this is still his first week, so I've been training him in the ways of the MTC (haha) and he's a really great guy. My Japanese is coming along pretty great! I wanna share with you guys a way cool experience I had last night.
So last night was just one of those really bad nights. I was being really hard on myself about the language, and I decided to talk to my teacher (Ekins Kyodai) about it. He said we'd have a little talk together, and we went to this little room to talk it out. I'll admit I got a little teary talking to him, as it was just one of those days when the task you've been given just seems way to hard to do. Ekins Kyodai was really great, and all of sudden he just went, "Teach my about the Atonement in Japanese right now." I was little taken aback, but I said okay. Suddenly my heart just burned as I talked about the Atonement, it's purpose, and how it had helped me so much throughout my life. I basically had a perma-grin the entire time, and the words just started flowing. At the end, Ekins Kyodai said that I had nothing to worry about, and that I was a great missionary how could teach the Gospel with the Spirit very well. it was awesome. Heavenly Father really does look out for his missionaries, and it was so awesome to feel that power. Missionary work is amazing. :)
Awesome thing that happened number 2: So! The other night during class it started thundering and lightning-ing, so our teacher let us go outside to hang out in the storm! So we were all outside just hanging out, and all of a sudden this Elder comes up to me and just gives me a massive hug. I didn't see his face, so I had absoulutely no idea who it was, which was rather awkward, haha. He steps back, and it was Zack Andrews! I was so pumped and gave him another hug, and we had a way good talk. he told me Porter Griffiths is here now (Going to Honolulu) and so is Christian Russel and Brady Peck! Brice Horrocks just got his call apparently, and will be here in a couple months. It was so amazing seeing all of these guys I grew up with, and I was thankful I got to see them. It made me so dang happy!
To answer your questions Dad, yes my clothes are holding up pretty great! The suits are doing good, just have to iron them occassionally, but overall they're great. I love my vans, haha.Thanks to Mom as well for the awesome care package, I loved it! Seriously, they help out so much not only me, but the people in my district. A few days ago, a lot of the missionaries in my district were feeling super homesick and discouraged. I decided to grab that "Let His Image be in your Countenance" card you sent me, Mom? The one with the INCREDIBLE poem on the back? But anyways, I handed it to those that were feeling down, and it was amazing how much it helped them. All of them send their love and thanks to you Mom for sending that to me. Love ya mamma. :) I got a calling by the way! Sacrament Cordinator, aw yeah. Each Sunday I get to be 14 again and prepare the Sacrament, I really like it actually! it's fun to have those old flashbacks of being a teenager, and I feel really honored to get to prepare the Sacrament every Sunday. As soon as that SD Card Reader gets here, I'll for sure have some photos for you all! i got some good ones from the 4th. Speaking of the 4th! It was really awesome. We all got to watch 17 Miracles, which was amazing, and then we went and watched the firework show, which was awesome. We were all in bed by 11:30 like a bunch of rebels.
It's really becoming so crazy how quickly the time has gone by here! This coming Monday all of our Dai-Senpai leave, and my Zone takes their place. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was saying goodbye to you all, but I'm so excited to get to Japan. A bunch of the "I'm a Mormon" videos are featuring Japanese people, and it is so awesome to see the strength of their testimonies. My comp told me that apparently Japanese Members are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, so I'm really getting so excited. The language may be hard, but I know that through the Lord, I'll be able to do it. He wants His Gosple to go forth, and I feel so blessed to be the instrument. I'm so glad to hear you're all doing fun stuff, and thank you so much for your prayers, I know they help me so much. Sidenote:  Just so Whit and Alexa know, my Elders think you both are GORGEOUS! Last night, I was going through my family book, and I had missionaries coming in saying, "We heard Justesen Choro has hot sisters! Can we see?" Yeah.. it was a little awkward, but I took some pride in our family. ;)
Although some days are really hard, I am so happy I decided to serve a mission. It has blessed my life so much, and has brought me so close to the Savior. That scripture is so true in D&C, where it states that if you do missionary work, your sins will be washed away. I have felt the old me change into something so much better, and I'm so thankful for this chance to serve the Lord. I just cannot wait to get to Japan and really "start" my mission. I have loved this MTC, and the people I've met.
But anyways, I'm still me though. :) Yesterday we all quoted the Office during class, and I was the master of quotes, haha. This place just rocks, and Heavenly Father truly blessed me with some great missionaries. This Gospel is true! I love you all so much, and thank you for all of your love, prayers, letters, packages, just everything. Thank you so much! Have another great week, and know that Heavenly Father loves us so much! Kono fukuin ni yotte Kamisama no ai kanjiru koto ga dekiru to akashi shimasu! Iesu Kirisuto wa watashitachi no sukuinushi desu. Matsu Jitsu Seito Iesu Kirisuto Kyokai ga shinjitsu da to askashi shimasu!
Love you all!
Justesen Choro (P.S. When I get to the mission field, I get a new tag that's entirely in japanese, including the name Justesen. Justesen in Japanese Characters (Katakana) is so legit!!! I saw it yesterday!)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MTC Week 4

Konnichiwa Minasan!! (hello everyone)
My my my, so a month has just about gone by. How weird does that sound?? Last night, all my chorotachi and I were talking about how crazy it is that we have already completed one whole month of our mission. We also had an amazing Spiritual talk about how much a mission has changed us so far... and we all agreed that coming out here was the best decision we've ever made. So! this week was pretty eventful, starting with my companion going home last Wednesday morning. It was such a sobering experience in all honesty, and I just wanna tell you the story a bit.
So, my comp (Turley Choro) got his travel plans and it stated he'd be leaving at 4;30 in the morning on Wednesday, so we all decided that we would get up with him and send him off. Sidenote, I honestly love my Chorotachi so much, we've become like a small family, and it feels so much like Alma and the Sons of Mosiah. (the missionary stage obviously, hahaha.) But anyways, so we all got up early to send him off, and Turley Choro was naturally a little excited.  He was so stoked to see his family, friends, etc. Another sidenote! So the missionaries he was leaving with on the bus were all heading to Sacramento and San Jose! I obviously was so stoked, and began telling those going to Sacramento to look out for a Justesen family. They're amazing and they will feed you well. But back to my story! So... Turley Choro got on the bus and as he looked at the five of us outside the window just waving, his countenace instantly changed. I think that he realized he may not see some of us for a very long time, and I think it really hit him strong. It's amazing how this great work can take a group of six crazy young men, and bring them all so close together.  The five of us outside honestly felt like we were losing a brother, and we were all so sad to see him go. However, we realized the other day that we all may be on the same plane ride home, and decided we'd all have a Mosiah 17 type experience, haha.
The MTC is so awesome though, except for the food... It deceives you! It starts out so delicious, but dang... It wrecks you stomach. Been sticking mostly to salads and stuff like that lately. Whit, that photo of you and the tetons was so gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you come back with from Oregon, travel safe and do some missionary work! Talk about your awesome brother, eh? Speaking of eh! Yesterday was Canada day, and my entire zone celebrated it hardcore because one of our Choro's is from BC. This consisted of red ties, speaking in Canadian accents all day, and other great things. it was truly a hoot, don't ya know.
as for now, I'm doing well! Yesterday was a little rough, but through prayer and deep study, my worries are mellowed. I gave a lesson the other day on the Atonement for district meeting, and it reminded me so much that my purpose serving here as a missionary is so much more important than little concerns of my own.  I wish so badly that the devotionals here at the MTC could be heard by all of those outside the MTC, they really are so amazing. Sunday night, a brother spoke to us who is going to be a mission president in brazil, and it was amazing. he spoke like Elder Holland, with a little dash of you Dad. ;) It was such a great talk, and it got me so excited to go teach the people of Japan. we also that night watched an MTC devotional called the Character of Christ by Elder Bednar, and it was so amazing. He discussed that the true character of Christ is defined as "Turning Outward." Meaning that when life is hard, difficult, and does not seem to go our way, the natural man in us turns to ourselves and asks why me, etc. Elder Bednar explained that he right thing to do, or the Christlike thing to do, is at those times turn outward.  Think about someone else, and try to help lift someone elses burden. The example he gave was the incredible story of the garden of Gethsamane. I never thought about this. Elder Bednar stated that how amazing it was that Christ asks His disciples to stay awake with him... They don't. He endures that incredible pain for us, and then is servant Judas betrays him. However, what does Christ do when Peter cuts off the ear of theguard? he heals him. After all he had just experienced, the Savior's mind was still on helping that one guard. it was amazing to hear the whole talk, you should all try to find it!
So anyways. :) My Tri-Panionship is really aweosme, and all of my Chorotachi are so great. The language is pretty dang hard, but I know that with the Lord's help i can do it. I'll just wait to get that SD card reader, and then I'll send some photos! We all went on a temple walk on Sunday, and I got some sweet photos of my whole district. MOM! By the way, your Heat package was the funniest thing ever! Seriously made my day. the Colbie Caillat, genius. I asked one of my Dai-Senpai what is the proper reaction when your Mother sends you a lamanated photo of Colbie with the caption, "HOT" across it? his response, "Justesen Choro... You tell her THANK YOU, and that you'll love her for all eternity! Lemme look at that photo again!" So... Mom, you win Mother of the Year award for that Package alone. ;)
Well, I best be going, I love and miss you all so much! But this place is amazing, and i can't believe it's just 5 weeks now and I'll be in Japan! I know that with the Lord's help I can accomplish anything, and that this Gospel truly does change lives. The Atonement gives us such an amazing gift to remove ourselves from our sins and become like a new person. I love this Gospel, and I love this message. :)
Kono fukuin ni yotte shawase to heian o kanjiru koto ga dekimasu. Iesu Kirisuto to Iesu Kirisuto no aganai o kansha shite masu. Monson daikancho wa honto ni yogensha desu. Igen no Tamamono ni kansha shite masu. Josefu Sumisu wa shinjitsu yogensha da to akashi shimasu. Kono Kyokai ni yotte totemo shiawase kanjiru koto ga dekimasu.  AI SHITTE MASU KAZOKU! AI SHITTE MASU TOMODACHI! Nihon to Nihongo ichiban desu ne? Hai, honto ni. Tsutaera nakereba narimasen! hai... so desu ne. owari yokereba subete yoshi! mata ne!

Have a great week, I love you all! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!