Monday, February 23, 2015

Tokyo Japan Week 79

Elder's night!

So cool to have an Apostle of the Lord Visit! Hello Amazing Family! It's been another really amazing week here in Urayasu, and especially yesterday was so awesome! Elder M. Russell Ballard, Elder Donald Rasband, and Bishop Stevenson visited our mission, and we had an amazing two mission conference! What was really such a cool miracle though was I ran into my MTC companion Elder Scott, and we got to sit by each other through the whole conference! It was just a way cool testimony builder to see that even though there were 400+ missionaries at this conference, I got to sit next to my really great friend Elder Scott. But the conference was so inspiring, and really left me with a strong determination to keep working hard with all effort, and seek to follow what the Lord wants me to be serving here as a missionary in the Tokyo Mission! I love serving here with all my heart, and I'm so excited to keep going forward with faith!

Sunset view from our apartment

Also to first answer Mom's question, I received my AWESOME Valentine's Day package! Thanks so much for the great package, it really meant so much to me, and I'm really thankful to the delicious candy! As well Whit the picture you wrote was SO cool! Thanks so much for that, I pinned it up over my desk, and it helps me get super stoked to work during the day. Also, I think you might write better kanji than me! Haha, well done. ;) As well it sounds like the whole family is doing so great, and that really makes me feel so happy, and so thankful that Heavenly Father is really blessing us all so much. During the conference today Elder Rasband discussed the power of obedience in this great gospel, and it really made me think back on my mission and how much obedience has brought so many incredible blessings and miracles. It's so cool to see that as we live the gospel joyful, and strive to do all we can to be obedient to the will of the Lord, it's so cool to see how He really does bless us and strengthen us. It's definitely been something I've felt as serving as a missionary, and it's something I want to keep going throughout my life. I love serving as a missionary so much. :)

The Tokyo Zoo!

This week was pretty awesome though! Elder Templin is such a great companion, and he has a lot of desire to keep learning and work hard each day. There still are some of those missionary skills that he's working on developing, but I feel so thankful to have this chance to help one on one. As well he's continually teaching me so much about humility and the power of really putting our fears aside and striving to do what the Lord wants us to do. He's a really awesome companion, and I feel so thankful to be working with him. Right now the Mikami kids are progressing little by little, and we're striving to work really hard with working to help the parents see the great influence that church is having on their children's lives. As well our new friend Watanabe is really excited to work towards his goal of receiving baptism on April 4th! We had a great lesson with him and the Bishop this past week, and it's looking really great going forward! Brother Erick and Sister Suita's brother Sho who we are working with as well are looking great! Really awesome things happening here in Urayasu. Just want to say thank you guys so much for all of your prayers and kindness, and the drive you share with me to keep working faithfully and with full effort. Those prayers are truly bringing so many amazing blessings and miracles, and I'm so thankful to you all! I have such an awesome family!

Well anyways the gospel is true, and the work is going forward! I'm so excited to keep going forward with faith and continually strive to be the missionary and servant that the Lord needs me to be in the Tokyo Japan mission. I'm so thankful for the chance the Lord gave to me to come here and serve the people here in Japan. I love them so much with all of my heart, and I'm so thankful for the love and kindness that they have shown to me. Urayasu is such an awesome ward, and I'm so excited to keep going forward with faith. I love serving with all of my heart, and I'm so excited to keep going forward with faith! Again thank you guys so much for all of the love and kindness you always share with me, and the incredible examples you continually share with me. Especially Tyler! Thanks so much for the amazing example you have shown to me, and being such an awesome priesthood holder example for me. Love you dude! Your email was really kind this week, and I really appreciated it. You're an awesome brother to me! Thank you guys so much for everything, have an amazing week! The book is blue, the gospel is true, and God loves you! Have an awesome week!

Elder Justesen

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