Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MTC Week 8

Konnichiwa mina san! Holy goodness, this is my last week at the MTC! It's been pretty great, and I have all kinds of news I want to tell you, but first we'll talk about the important stuff. :)

1: This monday! My flight is later in the (Elder Scott says hi by the way, hahaha, and he loves you guys) day, around 1 ish. I'm flying to LAX first and then staight to Japan! I'll have a couple hours in SL and LAX, but there will be MANY of us traveling on monday. So, concerning the calling situation. i have a solution! We talked to our branch presidency, and they suggested a "burn phone". From like the action movies!! haha, so it's like those Go-Phones that you can buy some minutes on? if you guys want to, you can for sure send me one of those and then I will forsure be able to call and talk for a bit. but whatever works! I don't mind either way. :)

2: What to send before I go! Nothing in particular! yeah... I'm giving away LOTS of food, so if you guys just want to send letters, encouraging note card things, that would be so awesome! Food I'm good with, it racked up very quickly. I'm gonna have to buy a backpack here before I head out, as President Budge wants us to have some clothes in our carry on for the first couple days we'll be in the mission home.

3: To Mom: My favorite package? Tough! I've loved and appreciated them all so much. Thank you so much for sending those. they helped me so much on those rough days, and as well they helped so many of the Sisters and Elders in my district. But! If I had to choose... i'd say the last one! The Colbie Caillat message was really hilarious, and we all got a big kick out of translating that message. ;) Also! My teachers LOVED the candy, and they really appreciated that little bit of nostalgia.

Okay! Onto my later for this week. It's gonna be a little shorter than usual, as I don't have a huge amount of time, cause I'm gonna save some time to send photos. 

But! I'm gonna write a longer letter possibly later, but I just wanna bear my testimony really quick. I know that this Gospel is true. i'm so thankful for this awesome opportunity to be here serving theLord, and there's really no where else I'd rather be. It can really be so hard at times, but it's been so worth it. I love this Gospel, and I'm so thankful to be apart of it going forth. thank you so much for all of your love and support, it's helped me so much here at the mtc! i love you all so much, and i know that heavenly Father loves us all so personally. even at times we may turn away from Him, he is always calling to us to come back to Him. He loves us so much, and wants us to be happy in this life. This life is so amazing, and Im so thankful for all of the wonderful experiences I have had here. i can't wait to get to japan! I'm so excited to go meet the people and begin spreading the gospel to them. The Japanese people have so much kindness about them, and I'm so thankful to go to Japan. Missionary work is the greatest thing ever! Whether you are wearing a tag or just being a member missionary. it brings so much happiness and purpose to our lives, and it truly brings us closer to our Savior. i know that serving a mission is where I'm supposed to be, and i'm so thankful to you guys for helping me get here. I love you!! I should be able to write one more time before i leave, so check on Saturday! I love you all so much!!! NIHON NI IKIMASHO!!! (let's go to Japan!)

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