Monday, January 20, 2014

Tokyo Japan Week 24

Hey everyone! Well, just got back from some P-Day activities, and as well we received some really awesome transfer calls... Are you ready?

So! I'm going to be transferred! I'm going to an area called Scuba in the Matsudo area, which is a place that is on FIRE right now. And... I'm a Zone Leader!!! Yup, pretty intense, but President Budge called me up, and I'm so stoked to go forward and just keep trusting in the Lord. My companion will be Elder Dunbar, but I don't know him too well yet, but I hear he's a really hard working, very obedient missionary. He's quite a few transfers older than me, so I'll be learning tons from him, and it just sounds like it's really going to be an awesome transfer. Apparently there's a family living in my area called the Davis', and they're professors at BYU! They've been working really hard with the missionaries and apparently their English Class is about 80 people! Which is totally mindblowing, because in Maebashi we had about 16 max, haha. President Budge told me that the goal should be to go out and harvest those souls and bring them closer to Christ, and I'm just excited to get going.

But I can't lie, I'm really bummed to leave Maebashi! It's been such a growing area, and although it hasn't been always easy, I've learned so much from this awesome area. As well, it's been such an awesome blessing seeing all of these incredible miracles that have happened this transfer, and I'm genuinely pretty bummed to leave all of my awesome investigators. Luis and Edward, who are our two baptismal candidates, are both looking really good for those dates! Luis is looking the best so far, and he's just shown so much faith lately. When I first got here he wasn't sure if God was there, and not even thinking about being baptized, but now he's getting so excited for February 5th. The other night we had such an awesome experience with him! We went over to his apartment, and our goal for the lesson was just to get him so excited for his baptism. So Mom! I decided to take one of those packets of pictures of Christ that you gave me, and Elder Tu'ua and I decided to pick the picture of Christ being baptized, the one that is one the cover of PMG? So near the end of that lesson, and we hand it to him, and we both start testifying to him about how he can make this date, and how much it's going to change his life. As I was testifying, I felt such a strong impression that I just needed to stop talking. Stop testifying, and just listen and pay attention to Luis. It almost felt like a hand on my shoulder just letting me know I needed to pause. So I did. And I can't even begin to describe the incredible Spirit that flooded that room. Luis just stared at that photo for a really long time, until he looked up at us and just whispered, "Thank you." It was one of the most powerful moments of my mission, and it reminded me how much when we go into share the Gospel, there's always three of us walking into that lesson. The Spirit is the true teacher, and it was so evident that night. It made me so thankful to Luis, and just so stoked to be a missionary. Not every day is easy, and not everyday is like that... But wow. I was just blown away, and it made me so thankful to have met Luis. He's about 21 years old, and when he first met missionaries about a year ago, he had no interest in God, religion, or anything like that. But now he's moving forward, and I know he's going to be baptized! I'm just a little bummed I can't be here to teach him the rest, but I know that Elder Tu'ua and his companion will take awesome care of him, and he will be baptized!

It sounds like you all are doing really awesome! Seriously... My family is the best. I love you guys so much! I just want you to know how thankful I am to all of your examples, and especially your prayers everyday. They help me truly so much, and I know those days when people are paying for me. Please know I'm praying for each of you by name every night, and I'm just so excited for all of the things in store for you! Oh! Mom, to answer your question! So... I plan to go HARD my whole mission, epecially those last few months, so I wouldn't mind a short break at home before school! Fall semester sounds AWESOME. :) That's crazy far away, but yeah! That sounds really good. Thank you so much for taking care of all of this for me, you're the best! I'm so stoked for Provo in a year and a half or so! Haha. Whit I'm so stoked for Iceland for you!! Just have fun with Mom and Dad, they're pretty grovy folks. ;) And Lex! Sounds like you're tearing it up in The Bay Area, さすがね? Pronounced sasuga, my new favorite word. :) And Tyler, man you're looking super great in your photos! Just to let you know, I went on exchanges with the Brazilian area in my district, and it was AWESOME. I got to see a little of what your mission was like! I met two guys who were from Curachiba and Minaos, and they were way excited when I told them you served in Londrina! Como vie? Un fallo bien! Bien ne? Haha, as well I went to a really awesome BBQ, got some real Brazilian steak and tons of Guarana. Good stuff, haha. Mom and Dad, you guys are just awesome, and I'm way excited to hear about the success you're seeing with these restaurant chains! It seems like a really effective business to go into. People will always have to eat right? Does this mean I'm like the heir to Costa Vida, and I can go in and demand free nachos whenever I so please? I hope so. That would be pretty awesome. I'd be a a just ruler, but a stern ruler.

;) I'll always have my humor I promise! It may get a little different during these two years, but I got it still!

I honestly still can't believe this transfer call! It's so crazy, and I can't lie I'm pretty nervous, but I know that with the Lord anything is possible, and I'm just way excited to go forward. This is going to be my fourth area in 5 transfers which is pretty intense! I never get to stay anywhere too long, but I'm so thankful to all of the areas I've been blessed to serve in. In each area I've seen so many awesome miracles, and I'm so thankful for them. Aw man, I'm just really thankful and so stoked today. Yesterday another one of my old investigators in Oyama got baptized! His name is Sandro, and he was one of my Brazilian investigators! We had such a hard time meeting with him, but when I was there, I think I called him just about everyday to try to set up an appointment. I knew he would be baptized one day, and I'm just way stoked I got to hear about it. The Lord has really blessed me so much since the day I entered that MTC, and I'm so thankful to be a missionary.

Here's my advice for Hector! Not everyday is easy. Not everyday is great. But, serving as a missionary will be the greatest gift in your life if you allow it to be so. It takes effort on your part, and a lot of willingness to change. But I promise, if you let it, this time can change your entire life. If you let it work in you, you will see the Lord's hand so much more fully, and feel of His infinite and personal love for you. You will feel that power and strength that only comes from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and He will work miracles through you. You will change lives, and bring people to a happiness that they have always been searching for. There's gonna be slammed doors! There's gonna be tired days. But as well, there are baptisms. There are confirmations. There are lives changed, and souls saved. Proverbs3:27, "Withhold not the good from them to who it is due, when it is in the power of thy hand to do it."

Proverbs 3:27 has become my new scripture that I've been trying to live by, and I'm just way thankful to be here. :) I miss you guys a ton a lot of days, but I know that this is where I'm supposed to be. I know that if I continue to work hard, and just show the Lord I'm willing and ready to give my all, I know I can see a deep change in my self, and as well see changes in the lives of those I teach. I love being a missionary so much, and I'm so excited to go forward with transfer 5! As a zone leader! The Gospel is True, The Book is Blue, and God LOVES YOU! Have an awesome week!!

Elder Justesen

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