Monday, March 10, 2014

Tokyo Japan Week 31

Hello awesome family!! Okay, so this one may be kind of short again, so I just want to say some things!

1: Virginia will always be the only lady for me! I wish I could give her a big hug, she's amazing!

2: this week jimmy is doing so great! He's living the word of wisdom, and he's looking so great! He asked if it's okay for him to drink coca cola instead of coffee, he's so prepared and amazing! I love that guy.

3: I have the most awesome companion ever! Elder Sakamoto from Fukuoka is the nicest, most charitable guy ever, and I feel so lucky to be working with him. Dad it's so true, my Japanese is feeling a lot better, and my English is slipping! Haha.

4: I have the most amazing family ever. :) just want to say thank you so much for all that you do and for your prayers especially. Thank you so much for all you do, and know I love you so much!

5: next email will be longer I promise! Today we have missionary work at night, and we're heading to some fun places today, so not a huge amount of email time! :( so sorry, but I love you guys so much!!

6: this week... I love being a missionary so much. It's changed my life in so many ways, and I've really come to feel that truth that we have a loving Heavenly Father who loves us personally, and knows us all personal. And he loves his children!

7: being a zone leader can be intense, but I love it so much! Being able to serve and focus on these awesome missionaries all the time has really changed my life so much, and I love it so much. They've helped my faith so much, and I love being here!

8: The Lord loves us! This week I've felt that love so much this week. At the start as was pretty nervous being the senior zone leader at transfer 6, but The Lord has strengthened my life and heart so much, and I'm so thankful. I love being a missionary!

Just want to say I love you all so much, and I'm so sorry that this email is so short! Promise... Promise next week will be longer! I love this gospel, and I love this opportunity to be a missionary! It's changed my life so much, and I'm so thankful to be here! Have an awesome week, I'm always praying for you, and I love you all so much!!! Until next week... The gospel is true, the book is blue, and God loves you!!

Elder Justesen

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