Monday, April 21, 2014

Tokyo Japan Week 37

Bel's baptism

Hello everyone! It's been another seriously awesome week here in Tsukuba, and I'm way excited to write about some of the awesome miracles that happened this week. Happy Easter by the way! It looks and sounds like you guys had tons of fun, I hope it was a great day! This week we had a ward family night where we painted Easter eggs, sang some songs, and as well watched the Because of Him video! It's been so awesome to share that video around this week, and as well watch it with our investigators. That video is seriously so powerful! When I first watched it, it made me really think about all the really amazing blessings that the Savior has given me as a missionary, and as well how much my life really has changed because of Him. This week I've really felt so thankful for that incredible Atonement that can really change who we used to be. In the video it talks a lot about those chances to start again, and I know that this time as a missionary has been that for me. It's given me a chance to really look at myself and try to become a better person with the Lord, and I'm really so thankful for that chance and blessing. The Atonement has that incredible power to take who we used to be, and change us into who the Lord has always wanted us to be. I love being a missionary so much! It's really changed my life so much, and I'm so thankful to be here! Another way it has changed my life is my English is getting bad! Haha, seriously I hope I can still speak just a little bit when I come back home, but wow it's been so noticeable this week! I've been really blessed to have an awesome Japanese companion, but it's definitely stealing my English, haha.

So this week Bel was baptized!! It was seriously so awesome, and such a strong faith builder knowing that Heavenly Father is truly preparing all of His children to hear the Gospel. We met Bel just about 2 months ago, just walking on our way to the train station, and we stopped to talk to him. He couldn't speak a huge amount of English or Japanese, but he recognized the name of Jesus Christ and wanted to learn more. I was really lucky with the opportunity to baptize him on Saturday morning, and Elder Sakamoto was able to confirm him on Easter Sunday. Seriously an awesome Easter weekend. Bel is such an amazing person, and I feel really so blessed to have met him. He's really changed my life, and I feel really so blessed to have been able to share the Gospel with him. The church is very small in Nepal, but Bel is going to be such an awesome church member! He's so excited to receive the Priesthood soon, and we're way excited to just keep meeting with him now as Brother Shrestha. :) 

Just want to also say this week how thankful I am to my awesome family! Whit I really loved your email this week! It was so cool to hear about your trip down to Alaska, and hear how much you were able to share your faith with Grace and Austin, and just have an awesome week with them! Seriously those pictures are so awesome!! Haha, my companion was checking them out and he was freaking out at how pretty the mountains are. ;) as well Lex! Thanks so much for being such an awesome ward missionary. I promise that missionary appreciates what him did for him so much! It's those little things from the ward that help a missionary really feel like he's worked hard in that area, and that little going away party definitely meant a lot to him. I promise that! Tyler thanks so much for your email as well man! I really loved the pictures, and you're seriously looking way good! Sounds like you're having tons of fun in Provo, thanks for always being such an awesome example to me. I know if I can be a missionary half as devoted as you were, I think I'll be doing okay, haha. Really though, you really set that example to me of being a missionary that is always obedient, and I'm really thankful for that. A really awesome missionary serving in the Portuguese branch here in our mission just went home this week, and I got to talk to him for a while at temple day, and he really reminded me a ton of you. You're awesome Tyler! I really love you a lot man, and I'm so thankful for that awesome example you set for me all growing up. :)

Mom and Dad! Just want to say thanks. :) I did think about you guys a ton this past Sunday because it was Easter, and I really just wanted to say thanks so much for everything you do for me, and did for me as a teenager. You always were such amazing examples of positivity and love, and as well you always relied on the Lord. I'm really so thankful for that example you showed me, and for always guiding me along that right path. I'm sorry I wasn't always the best son I could have been, but I'm really excited to just repent and strive to change as much as I can as a missionary. :) This time is really so precious, and I can see now every day those moments when you would say, "hey this will help you when you are on your mission!" Those little experiences really are helping me so much everyday, and I'm so thankful for all the awesome things you've done for me. :) I love you guys!

All in all it was a really awesome week! Pretty stressful with transferring, but all in all it was an awesome miracle-filled week. The Lord has really blessed me so much here as a missionary in Tokyo, and I'm so thankful to be here! This short time has really changed my life so much, and I feel so thankful to here. :) Of course there are times when it's hard, you wish things would go differently, but I've loved this time being a missionary with all my heart. I'm so thankful for this time, and for the really awesome miracles the Lord has blessed me with. It's really changed my life so much, and I'm so thankful for that! I love His Gospel so much, and I'm so thankful for this chance to be a servant in the vineyard, here in Japan preaching the good news. I love you guys so much!!! Thanks so much for all that you do, have an awesome week!!

Elder Justesen

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