Monday, December 9, 2013

Tokyo Japan Week 18

Konnichiwa everyone! Well... I got some pretty big news for you guys. So we just got back from Zone P-Day down in Maebashi, which is going to be my new area!! We got transfer calls on the train ride up, and I've been called to train and be a district leader in the awesome area of Maebashi! It's where the Zone Leaders just were, and I'm just way stoked. Nervous as well, but really so thankful for this awesome chance to serve and take this next step and have some leadership experience. What's way cool, I'm one of the youngest district leaders in the mission's history! Well, at least youngest non-fluent Japanese fluent speaking missionaries, but anyways. It was a crazy call, but I'm just stoked. They said they really prayed about it, and President Budge felt I was really ready, and could do great things in Maebashi. My new companion is on transfer 2 so I'll be training him and his name is Elder Tu'ua! He's an awesome Poly from Provo, and he just seems like a missionary who is ready to go. I knew him pretty well this transfer cause he was with our Zone Leaders, but I know he and I are gonna see some awesome miracles. (I wonder if he'd be weirded out if I asked him to call me Kolipoki...) A few of my old District members from the MTC are all training, and a couple of us are District Leaders, so it's just showing how much younger the mission is getting! We're all so stoked for this Christmas season, and I know we're going to see some awesome miracles.

But to answer some questions! Still waiting for my Christmas Package, but I'm so stoked to get it! Elder Packer and Elder Broadhead all got some Christmas stuff this week, and I'm pumped to get that little piece of home. It's hard not to think about the family a lot during this Christmas time, but know that you guys are always in my prayers, and I love you all so much! Also Mom and Dad, you guys are really making me so proud and stoked to hear about the missionary work you guys are doing! We had our stake conference this week, and the big focus was on members and missionaries working together as a partnership, and it makes me so happy to see you guys have caught that vision, and are just being amazing. Missionary work really is the greatest thing ever, and it has that incredible power to change our hearts, and focus more on the needs of others. I promise you guys will keep feeling that love for Kimberly, especially as you bring a family unto the Savior during this Christmas season. The past six months have really been some of the hardest, but most rewarding 6 months of my life. I love being a missionary so much, and I'm so thankful to all the experiences that the Lord has given me recently. Just way stoked right now! 

Whit, just want to say how proud of you I am!!! I can't believe you're graduating onto bigger and better things, and know I was totally there being an art critic around your BFA project, haha. I know that the Lord is blessing you with some awesome things, and you're just gonna go be amazing. Keep praying for those things that you want to accomplish, and I know the Lord will bless you! I'm praying for you every day, and I know that great things are right on the horizon for you! Just keep it up, and keep giving photography your all. I know that the Lord has blessed you with so much in that department, and you're destined for awesome things! Keep your chin up, and always look to the Lord in that you do, and He will bless you, I promise that! 

Lex, I'm praying for you everyday as well, and I know that the decision to move back to CA is pretty scary, but I know awesome things are in store for you as well! Sometimes we just have to leave our comfort zone a bit, and then those blessings will follow. Hey, we're both doing way scary things right now right? I'm moving also, and it's a little intense! But through the Lord, anything is possible, and when we do what's right, and just show Him the desires of our hearts, He will always show us the way! I know that that will happen for you, and the Lord's gonna bless you as you take these big steps. 

Tyler, you BOUGHT A SCION! Like a boss, I'm way proud. It may not be 100% Japanese, but it's pretty close. I'm stoked to see some pictures of it soon! I know that the Lord's really blessing you as well, and it's so cool to hear how your life is really just going forward and taking off. Just keep showing the Lord those desires that you have, make some goals, and go get them! I know that the Lord will bless you also! I'm praying for you everyday man! 

Mom and Dad, I love you guys!! I'm so stoked to talk to the whole family in a couple weeks, and I know that's because of the wonderful Gospel centered home we were all raised in. We talked a lot this week about family Christmas traditions, and it just got me thinking about all the awesome things we used to do as a family, and it made me so thankful to all of the awesome memories I have. Being far away can be hard, and I do have a craving for mom's famous cinnamon rolls right now, but there is no where else I would rather be! The Lord is blessing me so much everyday, and I'm so thankful to the eternal friends I have made here so far.  I know that this Gospel is true, and that through it we can find that eternal happiness through our Savior Jesus Christ and His infinite Atonement. I was really lucky to meet Elder Aoyagi of the seventy this week at stake conference, and his testimony was so strong and powerful. This is an incredible time to be missionaries and to be members! The Gospel is truly going forth, and we have this awesome opportunity to share it with all of those around us. I love you guys so much!!! I hope you have an awesome week, and I'm praying for you all everyday by name! Next week I'll be sure to let you know about how we're gonna do some calling for this Christmas season!! So STOKED! Love you all! The Gospel is True. The Book is Blue. And God loves you!!


Elder Justesen

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