Monday, December 23, 2013

Tokyo Japan Week 20

Perera and all the Oyama missionaries!

Hey everyone!! Okay so this email is going to be pretty short, because well... I'm talking to you in about TWO days! I'm so stoked to talk to you guys and see how everyone is doing. WHIT! So proud of you!! I'm so stoked and I know life is just gonna start clicking for you! The Lord is getting ready to bless you so much, and I know things are just gonna work out the way the Lord wants it to. I'm praying for you everyday!! Sad I wasn't there to see you take the stage and receive your diploma, but I know that the Lord has some really awesome things in store for you. And Alexa you too!! Holy awesomeness, I'm so excited for you too! Going to the Bay Area! I know that's where the Lord wants you, and things are gonna happen. Provo is a really awesome place, but I think there comes a time when everyone has to leave. The Lord's preparing awesome stuff for you! And Tyler, you look so good in your photos man!! Seriously. Keep it up! 

Chika, Brother Taylor, and Elder Burgin!

So Mom! I'm so sorry I never answered you last email! But... So I haven't received my package, but I called the mission office, and they said they would get back to me. What they may be doing is giving me the package on our Zone Conference which is this Friday. They do that sometimes, but I'll try to call them soon and see if that's the case! Don't stress though! The Maebashi ward decided to buy Christmas Presents for all of the missionaries, Elder Tu'ua and I, and there were so many! Tons of candy and socks, and a couple ties! I'm still way excited to see what your package has though! It'll be so nice to receive some stuff from the states. :)

Well, I'll tell you all about this week on Wednesday, cause it was really one to remember. I saw TWO baptisms  this week, and they were my two close friends Perera in Oyama, and Chika in Narita. What was awesome was last minute, Perera asked me if I could come to Oyama and baptize him, so I did!! I'll tell the whole story on Wednesday, but it was such an awesome experience, and one that has really shaped my mission. Chika was baptized Sunday morning, and although I couldn't go because I needed to be in Maebashi, she and I had an awesome conversation on the phone, and it just was so good. Elder Hamada, well now Brother Hamada, came down, and Elder Burgin was able to baptize her. It was awesome!  But I'll tell you more this Wednesday! This week was really so awesome, and I'm so stoked to talk to you all this week! I'm praying for you all everyday, and I just want to testify that this work is so true. Being a missionary has it's ups and downs, and sometimes you really just have to give your heart to the Lord, and trust in Him. When we do that, I promise that the Lord will bless us! He did it for me this week, and I'm just way thankful for all that He has given me this Christmas season!! I love this Gospel!! Talk to you on Wednesday!

Elder Justesen

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