Monday, December 22, 2014

Tokyo Japan Week 70

Hello Amazing Family!

So sorry today's email will be very short mainly because we will be talking on Thursday! I'm so stoked to talk to you guys, but I just want to let you know I'm really loving Urayasu! It's a really prepared place with so many amazing people. And especially my awesome companion! Elder Higashi is such an amazing missionary, and he's already teaching me so much serving with him. He's been out on his mission for about 4 months now, and it's a blast working with his awesome faith! It's so cool to be here in Urayasu, and I'm loving serving as a missionary with all of my heart!

It's pretty crazy that it's coming onto the 6 months of my mission! I received a letter today concerning the last 6 months of my mission, including my release date. Crazy! I hope it's okay, but the date is actually on June 12! It's pretty intense there's now a specific date, but I'm so so excited to work with every effort to give this last quarter my whole heart! I love serving as a missionary with all of my heart, and I'm so thankful for this incredible chance to be serving the Lord at this time. He's been so incredibly kind and loving to me during this time as a missionary, and I'm so excited to keep going forward with faith! It's been an amazing year and a half.

It sounds like everyone is doing so great, it makes me so happy! I just want to say thank you so much for all of the prayers and love you guys always share with me, I really do appreciate it so much! I love you guys so much, and it's hard not to miss you guys during this Christmas season, but I'm so thankful for this chance to be serving as a missionary. It's blessed and changed my life so much! Leaving Urawa Ward last week was pretty sad, but I'm so thankful for all of the amazing friends that are there. On the last day Brother Futoshi and Brother Han were looking so awesome, and their baptisms will be coming up soon! Also! The Hashimoto Family showed me so much love and kindness, and I'm so thankful for this chance to be serving in Japan. I love being a missionary so much! I'll tell you all more about it on Thursday, it's going to be so awesome! Thanks so much for everything, I love you guys! Talk to you on Thursday!!

Elder Justesen

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