Monday, April 13, 2015

Tokyo Japan Week 86

Hello amazing family, it's been another really awesome week, as well as watching Conference, which was so amazing! I was so sad only to hear President Monson speak twice, but the messages of Conference truly spoke to me, and filled me with so much faith and confidence in the future, and the person I continually hope to become. I'm so thankful to the fact that we have a living prophet, and as well as all of the church leaders that continually lead and guide us. Also! Just a side note, but Elder Aoyagi, the man that said the closing prayer for conference, was the one I had a one on one interview with a few months back! I was so happy to see him on the screen, and I felt so thankful to have had that chance to sit down one on one with one of Heavenly Father's called servants. I love being a missionary so much, and I'm so thankful to be serving here in Tokyo Japan. I love this amazing city so much, and I'm so excited to continue to press forward with faith.

This week is my last Zone Conference as a missionary! I received the email this week to prepare my closing testimony, and although it made me feel so blown away that now I was one of those bearing testimony, it really caused me to reflect so much on my time here in the Tokyo mission. It has been far from easy, but it is the greatest experience I've ever had in my life so far, and it's completely changed my life. There are many things I want to talk about in my testimony, but I'm hoping just to focus on that. :) I'm so thankful I still have 2 months as a missionary, and I'm so excited to go forward with faith and love! As well, they've asked me to translate the meeting, which I feel so honored about! Heavenly Father has truly sent the gift of tongues while I've been serving as a missionary, and I'm so excited to do my best during the conference! I love being a missionary so much!

It sounds like everyone is doing so great! I always love hearing of all of the cool things that are happening in your guys' lives, and I'm so thankful for all the blessings Heavenly Father is sending down. Again I just want to say thank you guys so much for all of the love and the kindness you share with me. I'm so thankful for the amazing family I was sent to, and especially for all of the wonderful examples you have set before me. While watching Conference, I can't lie, I felt pretty excited to know that the next one there's that chance I'll be with my amazing family again, and once again continue to learn from all of your examples. I'll forever remember attending Priesthood session with Dad and Tyler, and just feeling united with them as priesthood holders. I really hope to become a Priesthood holder like you guys in my life! As well I always remember Mom's incredible cinnamon rolls! Haha, but that's just a little plus to hearing the words of the Prophets. ;)

This week as well Heavenly Father sent down so many amazing heavenly hugs, and it was so wonderful to feel of His goodness and grace this week. I especially loved President Uchtdorf's talk on grace, and it's something I'm going to do all I can to apply more in my life. But this week, I received such an awesome visit from Shohei! He came to our zone meeting, and we were able to have an amazing lunch together. He talked to his parents, and although they aren't thrilled about it, they've accepted the fact that he is going to serve a mission! So, in May he's invited me to come attend the temple with him to take out his endowments, and then in the next year he will be heading out on his own mission. :) Such an awesome blessing to know Shohei. He's been my best buddy since my second transfer, and I feel so thankful that the Lord has worked His hand in this way with Shohei. I know he's going to be such an amazing missionary, and I feel so thankful to be attending the temple with him. Being a missionary is the best!

Other than that our area is doing pretty well, but the Tokyo Stake is facing some hard trials at the moment. Please keep us in your prayers! Baptisms have been pretty slow, and the stake is really starting to focus in and putting a little bit more pressure on the missionary work, but we're really excited to work! It definitely helps in keeping me focused and not slowing down. I know that if we unite in sincere prayer, and actively seek to be prepared for those that will join the church, the lord will bless us to have eyes to see and hearts to love those that will receive the Gospel. Many of our wonderful investigators are so close, so we're really so excited to keep going forward with faith!

Again I just want to say thank you so much for all of the love and faith you show me. I'm so thankful for all of you so much, and I love you guys. :) I hope you all have an amazing week! The gospel is true, the book of blue, and God loves you!

Elder Justesen

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