Monday, April 20, 2015

Tokyo Japan Week 87

Hello amazing family, it's been another really awesome week, I'm so sorry this email will be kind of short today! We had our temple P-day, and we're running a little short on time, and I actually caught a cold! Haha, pretty funny because it's finally really warm, and then I got sick. :P Oh well, what can you do, right?

This week was seriously so amazing though, and the temple was an amazing experience today! I can't believe it's my second to last time attending the Tokyo Temple as a missionary, but the feeling was so incredible today, and the Spirit as well was so strong. I was doing a lot of deep prayer, and pondering about going forward into this last transfer, and I received such a strong confirmation that coming to Tokyo Japan and serving as a missionary for these past two years will bless my life forever. I love this incredible city and country, and I'm so thankful to be here. It's going to be an amazing last few weeks, and I'm so excited to get to work!

As well this week was my last Zone Conference! It was so crazy to bear my closing testimony with so many of my best friends, but it left me with such a strong desire to continue to serve with all my heart in these last couple months. I talked a lot about my companions, how much they have blessed and strengthened my life, and from there I talked about how Heavenly Father does not ever give up on anyone. It's something I've truly felt so strongly as a missionary, and I'm so thankful to have learned that amazing truth here in Tokyo, Japan. The really awesome heavenly hug though, was when President and Sister Budge came up afterwards to shake all of our hands. President Budge said, "It was so great to hear about all of those great missionaries like Elder Burgin, Elder Hamada, Elder Howard!" And I said, "Yeah! They really were the great teachers to me!" And then he smiled and said, "Very true, you definitely are one of them, Elder Justesen." And that really touched my heart so much. I've always admired and looked up to those great missionaries so much, and it really meant so much to me to hear President Budge say that. President and Sister Budge have truly been such amazing mission presidents, and I'm so so thankful I have the chance to serve with them all the way through my mission. Their incredible love and kindness has really influenced me so much, and really is helping me to have that desire to become a better person.

Also, I'm so thankful to my amazing family!! All throughout the temple today, I just felt such a strong feeling of thankfulness to my incredible family, and I want to say I love you guys all so much! I'm so thankful for all of the kindness and love you always share with me, and I'm so excited to talk to you all in just a few weeks! It'll be such an awesome reunion, and a great prep for the reunion in June! I'm so excited to work with every last effort here in Tokyo, and then return with honor to my awesome family. I love you guys so much! Also Dad, Alexa, and everyone that helped set up my apartments and classes, thank you so so so much! It's been such a blessing not having to stress too much about it, and I'm so thankful for all the time you took to help me be all set up! Much love!

All in all the work is amazing, I love it so much! Transfer calls will be next week, and I'll know where I'm heading for my last transfer, but to this point I've just been feeling so thankful to this chance to be serving at this time. Being a missionary has been far from easy, but it has been in all senses of the word WORTH IT. I wouldn't trade these past two years, the friends, the brothers, the trials, the miracles, and the eternal lessons for anything. I love this work so much, and I'm so excited to keep forward with faith, and continually strive to be a servant in the hands of the Lord. To anyone wondering or questioning, serve a missionary! It will require your very best, but it will truly change, and bless your life in so many amazing ways. I love my mission so much, and I'm so excited to take out all the stops, and go for it this last transfer! Again thank you all again so much, I hope you have an amazing week! Love you all, the gospel is true, the book is blue, God loves you, and I LOVE TOKYO!

Elder Justesen

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