Monday, May 18, 2015

Tokyo Japan Week 91

Campanion shots at Meiji Jingu!

Hey everyone! Wow I can't believe it's been another week, it's really starting to go by so so so fast! But this past week was so amazing, and Heavenly Father is really sending down so many awesome miracles here in Urayasu. I'm super stoked because tomorrow we get to have an exchange with one of my favorite missionaries, Elder Kudo! We actually were in the MTC at the same time, and we're heading home together! Urayasu was his first area so he's so excited to come back and work with us just for the day. It's going to be such an awesome time! Also I have some waaaaaaaaay awesome news! It turns out that Shohei and Elder Howard are going to come to my homecoming!! Shohei gave me a call this morning and he said he and Elder Howard were talking, and they decided they want to come to my homecoming! How awesome of a miracle is that? I'm so excited for you guys all to meet Shohei, it's going to be so cool. It's so awesome to see how the missionary life will just keep going, and I'm so thankful to have Shohei and Elder Howard as my true brothers here in Japan. They really blessed my life so much, and I'm so thankful for all of their amazing kindness to me. I love being a missionary with all of my heart, and I love this work with all of my soul! It's been such an amazing time here in Tokyo, Japan, and I'm so thankful for these next 3 weeks coming forward. I'm so excited to work hard with every effort, and always strive to be the servant that the Lord wants me to be.

But I'm so thankful for all of the amazing emails from all of you this week! I just want to again say thank you all so much for all of the amazing kindness you always share with me while I'm here in Japan. I'm so thankful for all of your amazing kindness and love you always share with me. Throughout my time serving as a missionary, that kindness and love has really blessed and strengthened me so much here in Japan, and I'm just super thankful for the most amazing family ever. I love you guys so much! It's hard not to get a little excited about seeing you all so soon now, but I'm so excited to keep working with every effort these last 3 and a half weeks. I love this work so much!

This week has really so awesome though! Our great investigator Shigeyoshi is looking so amazing, and we saw such an awesome miracle with him this week! We had a way powerful member, whom I've determined is the Japanese version of Will Smith, and the Spirit was so strong! Shigeyoshi decided a couple weeks ago that he feels ready to receive baptism, and he's going to do all he can to receive it by October! He has some things at work he's working on changing, and by October he should be all ready to go! It was such a cool miracle to see, and it's so awesome to see how the Lord has been working on him for so long now, but he's made that really amazing decision to receive the great blessings of this Gospel! As well, Brother Tsukushi is looking so solid! Please keep him in your prayers, as he's starting to think about talking to his parents soon, but his testimony and faith is so on fire, and he's finished the Book of Mormon the second time! He's truly converted to this Gospel, and he's such an awesome example to me. Keep him in your prayers! :)

But anyways, I just want to say I love you guys so much, and I'm so thankful and excited to be serving as a missionary at this time in Japan. I love this country with all of my heart, and it's been the most incredible experience ever serving here in this wonderful country. I know that the experiences and things learned here will truly last forever, and especially the friendships will continue into the next chapter! I'm so thankful that the Lord has allowed me to come to this place and serve, and as I've seen others lives be change, feeling and witnessing my own life changing. I love this Gospel so much, and I know that it is true. I'm so thankful for my Savior, and for the restoration of this gospel. I'm thankful for the plan of salvation that gives us all purpose, and shows us the roadmap back to our loving father in heaven. I'm so excited to go forward with faith, and keep serving and saying thank you for all of the incredible blessings! 最後まで頑張りましょう。宣教師というのは永遠な責任だからです。:)

Elder Justesen

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